FAQ Archive
  1. What types of individuals might enter the competition?
    Answer: Any individual may enter except for members of the MESSENGER Education and Outreach Team
  2. What types of groups might enter the competition?
    Answer:  Any individual or group may enter except for members of the MESSENGER Education and Outreach Team
  3. Can I/we still enter if I/we work for NASA?
    Answer:  Any individual or group may enter except for members of the MESSENGER Education and Outreach Team
  4. Can I/we still enter if I/we I work for the MESSENGER Mission?
    Yes, provided that you are not part of the Education and Outreach Team
  5. Can I/we submit an entry in a language other than English?
    Answer: No, all submissions must be made in English
  6. This is a long form.  Do I/we have to fill out every question?
    Answer: It is important to complete all of the required questions.  This is so that we can provide the IAU with the information they need in their approval process.
  7. Can I/we answer some of the questions then come back later and complete the remainder?
    Answer: At the bottom of each section, there is a ‘SAVE and CONTINUE’ function.  Use this button to save what you have done till you can come back to finish
  8. I have written a biography of the artist but did not use any references.  Can I still submit?
    Answer: No.  You must provide a reference source for your information so that your suggested name can be considered.
  9. I used a newspaper article as a reference for the artist biography.  How do I provide information about the source?
    Answer:  In the check box for Reference Type, check ‘Other’.  You will be taken to a page where information about the source can be entered in a text box.  Provide enough information so that others can find the source (Newspaper name, date of publication, author/columnist name, newspaper section if appropriate)
  10. I used several sources of information for the artist biography.  Can I provide information for more than one source?
    Answer: Choose the source with the most information and provide those details.  You could also choose “Other” as the source type then, when directed to the  next page,  enter information about all of the sources in the text box.
  11. I want to suggest a name for a specific crater.  Am I able to do this?
    Answer: Yes.  Choose the crater you would like to name in Question X.  This is optional.  Some names might be particularly appropriate for a given crater (because of its patterning, shape etc).
  12. How will I know that you have received my submission?
    Answer: When we receive your completed form, an email will be sent to the contact email address that you provided in Part 1 of the submission form.
  13. After I have submitted an entry, what happens next?
    Answer: All of the valid entries will be reviewed by members of the MESSENGER E/PO team.  A short list of 20 names per crater will be further reviewed by panels of experts in artistic fields.  Then a list of 3 names per crater will be selected and forwarded to the IAU for selection of the winning 5 crater names.  The whole process will take several weeks.
  14. When will the results of the competition be announced?
    Answer: The results will be announced to coincide with the end of MESSENGER’s mission operations.  The exact date is somewhat uncertain as it is dependent on the success of orbit correction maneuvers and the amount of remaining fuel.  The anticipated timing is end of March-Mid April, 2015.