Mercury Competition Entry
You might already have a name in mind.  Or you might simply know that a particular country or cultural group is underrepresented in the list of existing Mercury crater names.  Either way, do some research to find out details about the artist you wish to suggest.  You must fully complete the submission form in order for your entry to be considered.  It is particularly important to prepare a short description of your chosen artist’s outstanding or fundamental contribution to their field and to provide an authoritative source for background information on the artist.  When you have all of the required information, complete the submission form.

How To Enter

Once you have all of the necessary information (see Prepare to Enter section), complete and submit the submission form between December 15, 2014 (00:00 UTC) and January 15, 2015 (23:59 UTC).
All entries will be reviewed by MESSENGER Team representatives followed by consideration by expert review panels.  A short list of 15 names (3 names per crater) will be submitted to the IAU who will make the final selection of one name for each crater.  IAU decisions will be final.  
Winning submissions will be announced by the IAU to coincide with MESSENGER’s End of Mission Operations in late March/April 2015.

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